Zero Waste Christmas Tree

Zero Waste Christmas Tree - living in harmony with nature

When I was growing up I never had a Christmas tree, partly because it was not part of the Spanish tradition, which used to favour the manger, but partly because in my house we were not great at celebrations or decorating the house for the occasion. This would explain why I am not particularly attach…

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Do you suck at video? Get confident with this free video challenge

get confident at video with this challenge - living in harmony with nature

Do you think you suck at video and would like to get more confident making videos? Have you never made videos before but everybody is telling you that video is the way to move forward with your marketing? Maybe you think you are not photogenic or your accent is not perfect and people will not understand you…

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The war on cancer continues causing casualties

war on cancer continues- living in harmony with nature

Declaring the war on cancer, in fact, declaring the war on anything, whether it is at an individual or global level, will only strengthen the problem. The solutions will continue to escape us. The result of this approach is all around us: a society based on fear and violence. Below, I show why it is…

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Take action to stop Nestlé

take action to stop Nestle

Do you believe that water is a universal human right? Do you know that there are companies actively seeking the privatisation of water worldwide? One of these companies is the corporate giant Nestlé. Learn what Nestlé really stands for and what you can do with one minute of your time to stop Nestle in their…

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Time-saving, healthy shopping with green companies in the Eco shop

green companies

The Eco shop is now open! (link in “now open”) For years I have been looking for companies that provide me with a different alternative to the products on the high street. When I started becoming aware of how products are really made, how cotton is full of chemicals and pesticides I started to look…

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Nature recycles everything but do we?

nature recycles

A few weeks ago, I read a post by Greta Franklin de Matos about her resolutions for October of going out in an outdoor adventure every day, picking up and photographing the rubbish she encounters in her trails. Greta lives in South Chile in an area of outstanding natural beauty. By juxtaposing photographs of the…

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Plastic-free lunch boxes keep you healthy

plastic-free lunch boxes

In my search for ways of getting rid of plastic in my life I am always on the lookout for safe, healthy alternatives. Sometimes it is difficult to find products that are completely plastic-free. Usually there is some plastic component, which can quite frustrating when you are trying to stop buying and using plastic.  …

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Shop till you drop, consumer society

consumer society

We live in a consumer society The capitalist system has also been called the consumer society. The whole system is based in consuming more and more. Consumption fuels the system. The message is to consume more to produce more, which drives the economy up. The American Dream and the pursuit of happiness Money will give…

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A walk on the beach: plastic everywhere


  I was going to write about a completely different topic but during a walk on the beach to clear my head I came across this plastic chair, which has prompted me to write this post about plastics. I also found this great infographic on plastic with the striking title sorry, What? EVERY piece of plastic ever made still exist…

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Have you heard of green hosting?

(This post contains some affiliate links.) Click here to skip the post and go directly to the affiliate. Since I started this blog I knew that at some point I needed to get shared hosting to bring it to the next level, to go from to I did a few searches on the Internet over…

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