Do you suck at video? Get confident with this free video challenge

get confident at video with this challenge - living in harmony with nature

Do you think you suck at video and would like to get more confident making videos? Have you never made videos before but everybody is telling you that video is the way to move forward with your marketing? Maybe you think you are not photogenic or your accent is not perfect and people will not understand you…

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The war on cancer continues causing casualties

war on cancer continues- living in harmony with nature

Declaring the war on cancer, in fact, declaring the war on anything, whether it is at an individual or global level, will only strengthen the problem. The solutions will continue to escape us. The result of this approach is all around us: a society based on fear and violence. Below, I show why it is…

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Nature recycles everything but do we?

nature recycles

A few weeks ago, I read a post by Greta Franklin de Matos about her resolutions for October of going out in an outdoor adventure every day, picking up and photographing the rubbish she encounters in her trails. Greta lives in South Chile in an area of outstanding natural beauty. By juxtaposing photographs of the…

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How to live the life you want

Live the life you want

Last year I started to ask myself this question: what is my mission? I wanted to find work that would combine my passions and make money. What is it that I am meant to do? What is my mission? As always when you are asking questions, answers appear. “When the student is ready, the teacher…

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A new way of being together

A few months ago, I came across this poem. It hit me to the core. I cry every time I read it. It speaks of a new way of being: being alone and being together. The first time I read it, I thought: “What a beautiful way of being together and relating to one another. Wouldn’t it…

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Are you feeling depressed?

Today I want to talk to those of you who may be feeling depressed. We know that feeling, when we have tried out everything and nothing is working and we think there is no way out. Whether it is problems in your job, conflict in relationships, health issues or a combination of everything I want…

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Time to design our future

As a child in Spain in the 70s I always felt in transition from a dictatorship to a democracy (“la transición” it was called), a child between a rigid system to a more democratic, liberal and open society. I felt in the middle because my parents grew up in a state of fear generated by…

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Are you looking for inspiration?

After the initial enthusiasm of starting this blog I started to feel a bit down. I needed inspiration. I needed inspiration to make changes in myself and I was also asking myself what kind of impact do I want to make? and, do I even believe it’s possible? I started looking for inspiration and I…

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Quote: do you feel supported?

Feel supported

Do you feel supported?   A system that does not support you does not support Nature either and vice versa. -Amor photo credit: DSC_0267 via photopin (license)  

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