The war on cancer continues causing casualties

war on cancer continues- living in harmony with nature

Declaring the war on cancer, in fact, declaring the war on anything, whether it is at an individual or global level, will only strengthen the problem. The solutions will continue to escape us. The result of this approach is all around us: a society based on fear and violence. Below, I show why it is…

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Information about cancer you need to know

information about cancer - living in harmony with nature

Information about cancer What information do you have about cancer? Do you actually understand how it works? Have you ever questioned the information about cancer we are given? Last October, I watched the premier of an amazing 9-part documentary series called The Truth about Cancer: A Global Quest by Ty Bollinger. I was amazed and…

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What is love according to music?

what is love - living in harmony with Nature

What is love? I wanted to write about love and loving yourself, particularly for those people who do not have anybody in their lives to celebrate Valentine’s Day with and may feel somehow a bit left out or they feel they are missing out or something is missing in their lives because they don’t have…

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My top 9 organic cotton clothing stores

ORGANIC COTTON - livinginharmonywithnature

The 100% organic cotton challenge I have been for a while trying to make the switch to an organic wardrobe. I have found it quite challenging. It is not easy to find clothes that you love, fit your body that are 100% organic. I have set myself this challenge:  Buy only 100% organic, whether is…

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January: time to declutter

declutter- living in harmony with nature

January signals the beginning of another year: New beginnings, new possibilities, same old me. How can anything new come into our lives if we are full to the brim? It is a time for letting go of the things we no longer need, use or love, of the habits that no longer serve us. It…

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Toxic toys: a present you don’t want for your children

wooden toys - living in harmony with nature

Christmas is upon us, just a few hours away. When I think of Christmas I think of children and toys: the anticipation for the presents, the joy, the laughter and the play. People put a lot of time and effort in getting the right presents for their children. Kids nowadays are accustomed to write their…

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Take action to stop Nestlé

take action to stop Nestle

Do you believe that water is a universal human right? Do you know that there are companies actively seeking the privatisation of water worldwide? One of these companies is the corporate giant Nestlé. Learn what Nestlé really stands for and what you can do with one minute of your time to stop Nestle in their…

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Time-saving, healthy shopping with green companies in the Eco shop

green companies

The Eco shop is now open! (link in “now open”) For years I have been looking for companies that provide me with a different alternative to the products on the high street. When I started becoming aware of how products are really made, how cotton is full of chemicals and pesticides I started to look…

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Flu shots do not work


Winter is around the corner and with it comes advertising for the flu vaccine. In a trip to get dental floss from Boots pharmacy I came across a leaflet advertising their vaccination service. Up to that point, I hadn’t realised that vaccination is now available in pharmacies as well as through the GP (General Practitioner).…

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Elderberry syrup: simple home remedy to boost immunity

elderberry syrup

Free PDF on elderberry syrup recipe Name Please enter your name. Email Address Please enter a valid email address. get PDF here! Thanks for subscribing! Please check your email for further instructions. Something went wrong. Please check your entries and try again. Autumn season is back. I had been feeling sick for a couple of…

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