The war on cancer continues causing casualties

war on cancer continues- living in harmony with nature

Declaring the war on cancer, in fact, declaring the war on anything, whether it is at an individual or global level, will only strengthen the problem. The solutions will continue to escape us. The result of this approach is all around us: a society based on fear and violence.

Below, I show why it is so important to pay attention to the words and images we are constantly exposed to and how we can start creating healing in our bodies and the life we want. I present an amazing video footage that shows cancer completely gone in a woman in under 3 minutes and, though unbelievable, it is no miracle.

Hopefully, it will expand your perception of what is possible for your health and your life. It is a technology of the heart that has been kept hidden from us and you can learn how to apply it to your life. Finally, I go over the importance of coming together in order to solve global problems and an initiative we can join.

Declaring the war on cancer 

I want you to pay attention to the headline I have used: The war on cancer continues causing casualties. It has a certain rhythm to it with all the c sounds, doesn’t it? I stumbled upon this headline by chance when writing this post on cancer. I think it emulates any headline you can find in mainstream media.

How does it make you feel? A bit hopeless maybe, like there is nothing you can do. Yet, this could not be further from the truth.

I have long been familiar with affirmations thanks to the work of Louise Hay. By putting the sentence in present tense, in the only point of power that exists, the now, we are firmly anchoring the problem as our ever-present reality.  Think back to all the headlines you have ever read, all the headlines you have ever heard or seen. We have absorbed all of this.

I want you to think about what it means, what it really means.

This is what happens at war: there are always casualties, people die.

However, even in wars there are people who profit and benefit from them. This is why wars still exist today. Somebody, somewhere is benefitting from it and, let’s face it, making money in the process.

As long as we focus on war of any kind and our politicians and media declare the war on any current problem we may have, guess what!, the problem will not only remain but will grow bigger because we are putting our energy into it. Every time we talk about the problem, every time we think about the problem we are consolidating it and making harder to move past it.

As long as we keep on fighting we will never have peace. Give up the fight. Yield to overcome.


yield to overcome - living in harmony with nature


In martial arts when an opposing force is coming towards you, you just step to the side and let it pass you: Minimum effort or waste of your energy.

As long as we focus on the problem, the problem remains

What to do instead?

Focus on the solution

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We live in a society in which, while appearing to enjoy peace, we are really at war, at war with ourselves and each other.

We watch movies full of violence. I mean how many more war movies can they make? How many more historical novels or sci-fi movies with war scenarios are they going to make? Try to watch a movie or read a book where there is not some type of violence and you will have greatly reduced your library. Don’t even get me started on video games.

I cannot believe that our politicians have not realised yet the importance of what they say as a way to create our reality. Have they not realised that we need to focus on the solutions, not the problems if the problems are ever to be solved? Or have they realised it but there is no intention whatsoever of solving those problems?

They know we learn by repetition. That’s why they repeat at exhaustion a very simple idea in the form of slogans. If you hear it enough times you start to believe it’s true.

Our society declares the war on cancer, the war on plastic, the war on terror and god knows what else they are planning down the pipeline. Any newspaper article and news on TV will show you the language they speak.

A history lesson

When Nixon declared the war on cancer in 1971 he knew what he was doing. 45 years later and cancer is stronger than ever and the cancer figures have not reduced at all. In fact, they are on the rise. It has been predicted that 1 in 2 people will have cancer by 2030. Is that an economic prediction of future profits?

Clearly this strategy of declaring war on anything does not work because it doesn’t get rid of the problems.


focus on what you want- living in harmony with nature

How do you define yourself? 

One of the most pervasive effects of declaring war on anything and being subjected to images and words related to war and violence is that we absorb it without even noticing.

I have observed a trend among cancer patients that refer themselves as warriors, fighters, terminal, sufferers and survivors.

Some cancer patients use expressions to refer to their illness such as f***k cancer or cancer sucks. I have even seen a company who sells caps with f**k cancer engraved. Obviously, there is a market for it.

What is the downside of this approach?

This kind of language around the illness and how you view yourself in it makes you a victim to the illness, rendering you powerless to do anything about it. By that terminology, you are still at war, in the drama, in the fear and that will never create peace and healing.

I haven’t had cancer but I have been in pain. I know that when you are in some type of chronic pain you run the risk of identifying yourself with the illness, the pain takes over and dominates your life.

You are not your illness, you are not your anger and you are not your pain.

Despair not, because there are solutions at hand. They are mostly inside yourself since you are the only one that knows your own path.

How we can create health and wellness

How can we create health and wellness when we are focused on war?

The answer is we can’t. We need a shift in perspective to realise that in order to create health we need to focus on peace, on harmony in our body, we need to focus on healing. We need to focus on what we want to accomplish and the change you wish to create in your life.


create supportive environment - living in harmony with nature

 Pay attention to words and images

Why are the words and images we use and are exposed to so important?

The brain works with words and images. The brain does not distinguished between real and imagined. That is why when you are watching a movie, whatever you are viewing your body is experiencing it as real, as if it was happening to you and it is creating physical changes in your body.

If we want to create harmony in our bodies we really need to start paying attention to how we feel when you watch certain images, when we read certain words and undergo a process of detox and letting go of anything that doesn’t make us feel good. We need to create environments that support us.

Focus on the solution

When thought and emotion become one

In the following presentation, Gregg Braden explains how “when we have a feeling in our hearts we create electric and magnetic waves that extend beyond our bodies into the world around us extending many kilometres away from our hearts.” The effects of this feeling can be scientifically measured in your body and other people’s bodies, even in people who aren’t in the room meditating.

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Imagine what this means for the current problems we face in our world today and that we may feel powerless to tackle because we believe they are out of our control. Truth is: they are not. There is something we can do. More on that at the end of the article.

Cancer healed under 3 minutes

Gregg introduces a video about a woman diagnosed with bladder cancer and how she is healed under 3 minutes by 3 practitioners in a “medicine-less” hospital in Beijing, China. They have been trained to create a feeling in their own bodies as if the woman has already healed.


How to create this feeling in your heart

Ancient traditions talked about a field of energy. In this video, Gregg Braden says that the language of this field are electromagnetic waves.

Feeling is the prayer.

Feeling as if it has already happened.

The clue as to how to create this feeling is in an old manuscript of the Gospel of Thomas:

“When you make the two [thought and emotion] one

In our hearts you create the feelings in our bodies

You will say

Mountain move away

And the mountain will move away”



In the early Christian bible we all know the verse:

“Ask and you shall receive.”

The bible was edited in the 4th Century. Gregg reveals some key sentences that were edited out of this passage.

In a new translation it reads:

“Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer.

Be enveloped by your desire that your gladness be full.”

If you want healing feel the feeling as if it has already happened, imagine what it would be like.

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Feeling with no judgement 

He explains that “without hidden motive” means “without judgement”: not to judge something right or wrong, good or bad.

The practitioners do not judge the tumor as right or wrong, they accept the tumor as a possibility because in the quantum world all things are possible. Acceptance as it is without judgement. Now we are going to choose a new reality by feeling as if the woman has already healed in the now.

Having no judgement of something as being good or bad, particularly a serious illness we are experiencing is easier said than done. I have found that any situation in our lives is normally a way for us to learn something, to evolve, maybe necessary for us to break certain patterns.

An example of this in my life is my experience with Candida. Last year, I realised that I learned many things from it, like developing my intuition, connecting with my body and giving up antibiotics, sugar, coffee and alcohol. All of that was instrumental for me years later to be able to give birth naturally and not caved in to medical pressure to have antibiotics while I was pregnant. So every experience builds upon the last. Even though while we are going through it, we don’t see the point in all the pain, I believe there is a reason but we cannot see it because we have a narrow window of perception. It may become clearer years later.

In An Ancient Magical Prayer (you can get it when you subscribe to his website) Gregg relates the story of how he accompanied a Native American friend of his to a special place to pray for rain. When he finished his friend said to him: We never create anything. He is just thankful for the opportunity to choose which creation he experiences.

So the question is:

What creation do I want to experience?

If we don’t like our current reality, we can choose the thoughts and feelings to match the reality that we want to experience.


coming together - living in harmony with nature

Coming together 

The Global Coherence Initiative is an opportunity and a place where we can come together with focused heart intention.


Our thoughts and emotions are energy that we are broadcasting. This has an effect on the consciousness field of the planet itself.

When we collectively feel a certain emotion the hypothesis is that it impacts the earth’s magnetic field.

This is very important to understand the world today and they manipulate us into feeling fear and other emotions like anger.

Any mass events like September 11 or 24 hour transmission of the Gulf war, the death of any pop star, are designed to generate a feeling of fear in the masses.

In order not to be manipulated it is necessary to let go of watching TV, radio and movies and to establish ourselves in a feeling of peace and harmony that is not swayed by catastrophic events.

The Global Coherence Project is about how to go from individual coherence to social and global coherence. Their goal is to get 350.000 people practising coherence building in a coherent mode. They think that would be enough numbers to start seeing measurable changes in the planet.

You can join the Global Coherence Initiative  and become an ambassador. You can access the Global Care Rooms where you can join others around the globe in heart focused intention. They also have a series of resources available for download.

An interesting question they propose to practice and pay attention to  is:

What did I feed the field today?


Would you like to know how I create a vision for my life and the practices I use daily? Check it out here. 


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