Plastic-free lunch boxes keep you healthy

plastic-free lunch boxes

In my search for ways of getting rid of plastic in my life I am always on the lookout for safe, healthy alternatives.

Sometimes it is difficult to find products that are completely plastic-free. Usually there is some plastic component, which can quite frustrating when you are trying to stop buying and using plastic.


ECO lunchbox provides solutions for packing plastic-free lunches

Recently, I have found ECO lunchbox, a company that makes 100% stainless steel, completely plastic-free lunch boxes and other accessories (in either stainless steel, silicone or bamboo.)


plastic-free living with ECOlunchbox

Waste-Free Lunchware by


They offer a wide variety of products from kid’s trays, camping trays, barbecue kits, sandwich boxes, 3-in-1 bentos, snack containers, yoghurt cups, tumblers to utensils and bamboo straws.

They also have lunch kits, which consists of a reusable machine washable cotton bag containing at least one Eco lunchbox or more depending on the kit, a napkin or two, and a utensil (in most kits).

The bags, made by artisans in India, can also be purchased on their own. They a great alternative to plastic bags. The bags come in an array of different shapes and gorgeous colours. I think this is a great idea for a present. To tell you the truth I find hard to pick a favourite.

There are several utensil choices available:

  • a single spork, an innovative combination of spoon on one side and fork on the other, and comes in bamboo or stainless steel.
  • A kid’s spork, which is just a bigger size.
  • A set of 4 Eco stainless steel sporks.
  • An Ecotravel set made of a bamboo spoon, a fork and a knife.

I was surprised to find a pack of 6 reusable bamboo straws, which I think it’s a great substitute to the plastic ones.

If you need leak-proof lunch boxes their solution is Blue Water Bento, a range of stainless steel boxes with non-toxic silicone lids.


Blue Water Bento - Ocean-friendly bento lunch boxes by ECOlunchbox



They only have one product that is made of plastic: “The BPA-free lid on the no-leak cup” that comes in a set with the Eco lunchbox Oval. I would like to point this out because there is nothing more annoying that trying to go plastic-free and finding that you bought something containing plastic.

Free shipping on United States domestic orders over $35 and $5 flat rate shipping for all domestic orders.

They also ship to most international countries.


Benefits of using 100% stainless steel, plastic-free lunch boxes

  1. Plastic-free lunch boxes keep you healthy. The number one benefit for me is my health. Plastic is a known endocrine disruptor, our hormonal system. Plastic and food is a major no-no because it leaches chemicals into the food. Juice cartons, for example, contain a plastic coating inside and are harder to recycle because there are different materials compressed together.
  2. Less waste, which means less packaging for you to handle and throw away.
  3. Saves you money


The cost of disposable lunches

Eco lunchbox has done a lunch study analysing the cost of disposable lunchware based on the consumption of a “typical” family of 2 children and 1 adult during 180 days in a typical school year.

The parameters used were juice, yoghurt and snack mixes bought in bigger sized family packs instead of the convenient single-serving portions.

The results

You can eliminate 3,240 pieces of rubbish per 2 children/1 adult every year.

You can save $453.60 per 2 children/1 adult.

If your family is bigger the savings and the amount of rubbish eliminated would be greater.


Time for change

Changing things can be quite challenging. We are, after all, creatures of habit.

Changing our daily habits requires awareness, time and planning.

Changing sometimes is just necessary. There are times when we get sick and we are forced to make a choice: to change or not to change. Whether it is your health or the health of the planet, it is all the same. The planet is just a reflection of our own health and what is happening inside our bodies.


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

-Albert Einstein



Tips for using less plastic


ECOlunchbox - healthy bento lunch boxes and snack containers


  • Stop buying single portions and ready meals.
  • Buy bigger packages instead.
  • Buy in bulk, eliminating packaging.
  • Start making more meals and bring them to work/school/outings in 100% stainless steel lunch boxes.

It is also easier to change when it is done in small, incremental steps.

You can start buying bigger sized packets and get accustomed to bring snacks with you to work or school. Later on, you can progress to prepare a meal once a week and progressively increase the number of meals you prepare.

If you decide to spend more time preparing meals with good quality, organic ingredients you will soon reap the benefits.


To go plastic-free in your life, the best place to start is in the kitchen and food in particular. Click To Tweet


Caring for people and the planet

What I like about this company is their mission statement

“to educate and empower people to reduce their dependence on plastics.”

This shows in their website in which they provide quite a lot of information about the impact of plastics and their products.


Who’s behind the company?

Sandra Ann Harris is the founder and CEO of Eco lunchbox. She is a mum of two, who worked as an investigative journalist and international aid worker.

I completely agree with her opinion on plastics.


“The safest bet is to steer clear of plastics rather than try to figure out which plastics, if any, might be “safe.”

-Sandra Ann Harris


Who makes the lunch bags?

Sandra Ann Harris sources the fabrics directly from Khatri artisans in India, specifically in the Gujarat deserts, where there is an ancient tradition of hand-printed fabrics using a mix of plant-based dyes and synthetic dyes and low-tech processes.

By employing these artisans they are supporting and keeping alive their printing traditions in a shrinking market that favours western fashion instead. If this is not encouraged this craftsmanship will eventually disappear.


Lunch boxes made to last

The lunch boxes are made in India, Thailand and China “from the highest quality of food-grade stainless steel available” and complies with food safety standards. They are also lead free and corrosion resistant.

They have also ensured that the factories where the products are produced have in place “fair, safe and equitable” practices and that there is no child labour.

In a time when everything is made to be thrown away it is refreshing to find a company which prides themselves in making high quality products designed to last.



I believe that the vision and level of awareness of a company’s founder and leader does influence and shows in all aspects of how that company is run.

I want to promote and support companies with a different level of awareness, who want to do things in a different way, in harmony with Nature; companies aware of their impact in people’s lives and the planet and therefore able to provide innovative solutions to the problems we face.


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