How to live the life you want

Live the life you want

Last year I started to ask myself this question: what is my mission? I wanted to find work that would combine my passions and make money. What is it that I am meant to do? What is my mission?

As always when you are asking questions, answers appear.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

Today, I want to share with you this powerful talk by incredible speaker Lisa Nichols entitled The Art of Action.


What is it about?

As the title suggest it is about action, how to take action to live the life you want. Lisa believes it is our birthright to live the life we want. She shares her stories so that we can find ourselves in them.

How do you live the life you want?

How did she do it? She went from living on government assistance to running a multi-million business.

She was willing to be inconvenienced.

She was willing to let go of habits, people and situations that did not serve her.


This is not just a talk, it is an experience

She delivers on her promise to stir your soul.

“I came here to disrupt you.”

You will not be the same after listening to her words. This talk stirs emotion deep inside you. I think that when we hear somebody speaking a truth our soul recognises it as such.

Speaking your truth takes courage. Lisa shows us how to love one another: “I love you enough to tell you the truth.”

Most of us are just waiting, waiting for people to support us. We like to live in a comfortable place. Something she said stroke a cord with me:

“Other people don’t get your vision because God didn’t give it to them.”

It doesn’t have to make sense

She didn’t have it all figured out. She admits it didn’t make sense. She was putting money aside to fund her dream but she didn’t know what her dream was.

I found it comforting that it doesn’t have to make sense to others or even to you, that we need to learn to live in uncertainty so that life can surprises and guides us where we need to go. So many times we get these ideas or insights and we quickly dismiss them, rationalise them and don’t follow through.

She encourages us to be anything but normal, to realise that we are an unrepeatable miracle on a divine assignment and that all the obstacles and experiences that we have gone through have made us into who we are today so that we can shine.

“Your light is supposed to shine so brightly, that when I am in my darkest corner at the darkest moment, your light illuminates over to me and I can see myself again. That’s your responsibility.”

She asks the question: Are you willing? Are you willing to be inconvenienced?

“On the other side of convenience that’s what your dream is”

Are you willing to go through the pain?

It’s a talk full of memorable quotes, affirmations and visualisations. I love her mantra

I have nothing to hide.
I have nothing to protect.
I have nothing to prove.
I have nothing to defend.

This one goes on my list of affirmations:

“I want a tomorrow that it’s breathtaking.”

Here it is to all us so that we live the life we are meant to live, living to our full potential.

I want a tomorrow that it’s breathtaking for you too

because what it’s possible for you it makes it possible for me too.



This talk was given at the Awesomeness Fest, an invite-only event that gathers a community of entrepreneurs and visionaries that want to make an impact on the world.


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