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What is hypnosis?

The most common image we have of hypnosis is that of magic shows in which the magician puts you in a trance and makes you do things you would not normally do.

But as I learned during my pregnancy, hypnosis is just a state of deep relaxation in which the subject is completely aware of his/her surroundings but in an alert, receptive state.

When the subject himself gets in this state of deep relaxation is called self-hypnosis. The use of hypnosis and self-hypnosis in childbirth is referred to as hypnobirth.

Way before I got pregnant I researched for ways to let go of my fear of labour. I found the Gentlebirth antenatal program designed by Tracy Donegan. I decided that this is what I was going to use for my first pregnancy and delivery as it looked a very thorough and complete program.

Hypnosis in pregnancy

I started using it as soon as I got pregnant. I planned to have a natural childbirth at home, preferably in a pool. As the weeks passed, I had a nearly daily practice in which I would listen to the CDs and go through the book. I was calm, slept well and everything felt right. At five months pregnant, I got very distressing news. My plans for birthing were totally redesigned by the medical practitioners I was in contact with at the time. Being able to have the CDs and listen to the hypnosis tracks allow me to remain calm, confident and in control. The program kept me focused and gave me the confidence that I could achieve what I wanted: a natural childbirth.

Self-hypnosis in labour

When I was in labour I was using the self-hypnosis technique which allowed me to get into a state of deep concentration, focus and loss of sense of time. At one point, I started to get annoyed and started feeling pain straightaway. I had to let go of the anger and revert to my self-hypnosis. I felt no pain then.

When I was actually pushing I could hardly feel the contractions and I had no pain.

The Gentlebirth method allowed to me to get over my fear of childbirth, gave me the confidence that I could do it. I went from being afraid of childbirth to be able to have a long labour with no medication of any kind, no drama or traumas, in a supportive environment. For those reasons,  I fully recommend this program.

What is included in the Gentlebirth box set?

The GentleBirth Complete Box Set includes 8 discs and the 200+ page Gentlebirth Guidebook. The program takes you from having a positive pregnancy, birth and through the first three months with your baby (not just labour) – for you and your partner as you become parents. It also includes a GentleBirth private discussion group on Facebook.

GentleBirth is an easy and enjoyable approach to antenatal education, and it:

Helps to develop your connection with your baby
Facilitates communication with your caregiver
Encourages confidence in your birth choices
Makes pregnancy more enjoyable and fear free

The GentleBirth program promotes deep relaxation during your pregnancy, improves sleep and reduces anxiety. Fear becomes a thing of the past as your confidence grows in excited anticipation of your baby’s birth. The program increases energy levels and promotes rest and recovery after birth. You’ll find that you can easily tap into your maternal instincts and take care of your new arrival confidently and calmly.

This program will forever change how you think about birth.

The GentleBirth Complete Box Set includes 8 discs:

Disc 1 – GentleBirth Birth Rehearsal
Listening Instructions
Birth Rehearsal & Imagery
Music for Birth

Disc 2 – GentleBirth Pregnancy
Pregnancy Confidence
Baby Bonding

Disc 3 – Breathing Techniques for Birth
Heart Breathing
Relaxed Breathing
Scan Breathing
Slow Breathing
How to Push

Disc 4 – GentleBirth Postnatal
New Mother Meditation
Breastfeeding Confidence

Disc 5 – For Men Only
Confident Birth Partner
New Dad Confidence

Disc 6 – Special Circumstances
Get Labour Started (Induction)
Breech Turn
Fear Release

Disc 7 – Gentle Caesarean
Affirmations for a Positive Caesarean
Positive Caesarean

Disc 8 – GentleBirth on the Go (Car, Bus or Train)
Pregnancy Celebration
GentleBirth Affirmations
Daily Positive Affirmations

CD or MP3:
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Note: The GentleBirth Guidebook will be delivered as a physical product even if you choose the Instant Product Download option.


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